Wiechetek furniture

Creating luxurious furniture down to the smallest detail is our true passion. Two generations' experience in carpentry enables us to fulfil even most demanding and sophisicated customer requests.

Ars et fabrica

Arts and Crafts - this motto specifies our philosophy. We treat every piece of our furniture as a work of art, and technological capabilities at our disposal allow us to produce at the level of the world's best carpenters.


During the production process we take adventage both from modern technology embodied in advanced machines, as well as traditional, centuries-known manufacturing methods allows us to infuse beauty in any form.

Unlimited forms

Furniture is not only woodworking. We have a full approach to executing complex projects using metal, glass, stone and any other material.

Modern methods

We have a range of specialist machines, such as 3D milling, we are up to date in the field of metal fittings and accessories (Servo-Drive, Tip-on and other).


Sculpture, carving, gilding, polychrome, polish, wax - we cooperate with the best professionals in the art field.


In care of our clients privacy we do not share the photographs of our furniture with public. If you would like to see our work, please contact us directly.


Production site

Bellony 18 St.
04-481 Warsaw


MichaƂ Wiechetek


tel.: +48 601 291 308